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The Glittering World of Chessed

The Glittering World of Chessed



Total Chessed...

With KGB spies all around him, a man gives up his own tefilin so a Soviet Jew can have the mitzvah: A sparkling gem of chessed

A broken couple finds comfort in the warmth and music of one of the Torah world's most popular singers: A brilliant jewel of chessed

His friend couldn't afford vacation this year, so Shimon quietly paid the costs, never dreaming that his act of kindness would save his son's life: A golden moment of chessed

From chavrusas for the homebound to shoes for the poor; from soup kitchens to "tantzers" (dancers) entertaining sick children to help with mental health issues: A glittering collection of chessed organizations started by "people like us."

Rabbi Paysach Krohn, the globe-trotting "American Maggid," has given us so much wisdom, inspiration, and encouragement in his bestselling books. He now shares with us stories of individuals and organizations that see a need -- and step up to fill it. The Glittering World of Chessed also offers us practical advice on how each of us can amp up our own chessed - whether we are hosting guests, visiting the sick, dealing with "simchah overload" or simply listening to a friend who needs a little comfort.

Chessed is the gem that adorns every Jew, a gem that is found, not in a locked vault or jewel case, but in our hearts and deeds. This book will inspire us, and also guide us, in polishing our own jewels of chessed to a brilliant and beautiful shine.

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The Glittering World of Chessed
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תמונה שניה- הספר The Glittering World of Chessed

The Glittering World of Chessed

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