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Hello everybody :)

Welcome to the Jewish Bookshelf - the bigget holy books webshop in the world. We have developed for you a bright, safe and comfortable website. We achieved the best prices. We learnt all the secrets of packaging and robust and rapid delivery. We have an open and fair return policy for all the books. You remained only to pick a book and start learning :)

Who are we?

Two young and hardworking managers, call center staff, warehouse staff, photographer and designer:

ניסים ירחי

Nissim Yarchi: CEO of the website, The "soycher" of this story. Works with all vendors and publishers, so you will get good prices, quality rare books. Special deals - it's his responsibility! He also writes most of the books description. Ambition in life: to learn everything he sells.


Avihay: Web developer and designer, is the man behind the screen. Take care that the website look good, clean of clumsy processes, if you encounter a malfunction on the site, he would be happy to hear and treat it. Ambition in life: to be the "Chavruta" of Nissim.


Moriya:   call center manager - incredibly neat so the flux of the business does not cause her forget clients fall through the cracks. She really cares deeply about each client, so she did not let any of the staff rest until all customers are satisfied.


Amichay: Warehouseman Manager- packs and arranges everything that Nissim brings, makes sure that all the books will always be in stock , and that it gets to the customer quickly. We made sure that he will know thoroughly packing so that the books gets to you whole and beautiful.  


Our clientele

Amazingly to our delight, our clients are from a very broad and complex across the spectrum of Am-Israel: Ultra-Orthodox, Zionist, Hasidim, Lithuanian, secular, and its always fun for us to meet clients that we would never have thought to come to us. Just fun that Am-Israel studying Torah!


20,762 Visitors
4,274 Books In Stock
6 Countries Clients


Customers Tells

אמיר מהקריות

ב"ה, פליאה גרידא. ההזמנה הגיעה ארוזה היטב, והספרים ללא פגם או דופי !!! שירות מצוין, אשתמש בו גם בעתיד!

משה מהצפון

רכשתי לא מעט ספרים בחיי, אבל אף פעם (לא קלישאה), לא פגשתי שירות כמו שלכם, הרצון האמיתי שלכם שאני אוכל ללמוד את אשר חשקה נפשי בתיקון השבועות היה פשוט מדהים, מחמם את הלב. בעזרת ה' תזכו לשפע של פרנסה טובה, ותזכו להפיץ תורה ולהאדירה,בהערכה רבה משה

אלעזר - מרכז שכבה בכפר בנוער

התרשמתי מאוד מהעבודה הנעימה איתכם והמהירה.

בע"ה נתראה.


קובי מהצפון

האתר שלכם ממש ממש טוב, כיף להיות בו הכל ברור ומובן, כל הכבוד לכם!


Opening hours

Sunday - Thursday 9:00 to 20:00

Fridays 9:00 to 14:00

Were closed on Shabbat and
Jewish Holidays

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